Los Tacos
Mexican Restaurant & Catering
Fairhope . Foley . Daphne

Real Mexican Food at Great Prices and Friendly Service at Our Restaurant, Catering, Food-Trucks, and Drive-Through

fish tacos are a delicious mexican dish, made with fresh fish | mexican food | mexican restaurant | fairhope, AL
Grilled shrimp | grilled camarones | a delicious mexican seafood dish with camatrones and shrimps from the gulf bay
chicken quesadilla is one of the favorite dishes for kids, children just love it! We use fresh ingredients with tasty cheese and fresh tortillas made from scratch | chicken quesadilla | mexican food
Chicken fajitas always is a favorite mexican dish! We use quality meats and fresh ingredients creating a dish that it's a family favorite | Chicken fajitas | fajitas | mexican restaurant | fairhope, AL
Fried Burrito, or Chimichanga, is a burrito with an added flavour and texture | fried burrito | burrito | chimichanga | Baldwin County, AL
Camarones, or shrimp, is a mexican food stable. We always try to use fresh shrimps or camarones from the Mexican Gulf. Try our differnt shrimp and camarones dishes | Camarones | Shrimp | Mexican seafood
Camarones a La Diabla is the ultimate Mexican Camarones or shrimp dish! Big shrimp with a really tasty and spicy sauce made form chiles, tomatoes and spices, from scratch | Camarones a La Diabla | Camarones | Shrimp | seafood | Spicy seafood | Mexican restaurant | Fairhope, AL
Los Tacos is a great quality low price family oriented Mexican Restaurant | Mexican Restaurant | Fairhope, AL
In Los Tacos we not only serve home-style Mexican food, we also serve it in a typically Latinamerican friendly way | Mexican retsaurant | Fairhope | happy customers
Burrito Supreme is teh ultimate burrito! | Burrito Supreme | big burrito | mexican restaurant | fairhope, Baldwin County, Alabama
Sandwich de Carnita, typically mexican | Sandwich | Carnitas | mexican food
the Mucho Macho Burrito Is so big that those than can eat it at once receive a Los Tacos T-Shirt as a gift! | Mucho Macho Burrito | big burrito | Mexican food
Adding sauce to a Muchoi Macho Burrito makes it even better, especially with hot sauce
At Los Tacos we have two Food Trucks fuly prepared for catering and for on site food service such as in schools, philantropy events, sports, parties and any type of outdoor event | Food Truck | Mexican food truck | Fairhope, Baldwin County, Alabama
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Our Mexican Food Services

High Quality Mexican food at our restaurant and catering at a fair price

We offer you high quality Mexican food in a variety of venues depending on your preferences and needs, always great value at a really fair price.

Our decades of experience guarantee that our food will be freshly made, delicious, and covers a wide variety of Mexican dishes from tacos to specialty dishes such as Camarones a la Diabla, to Party Platters.

Not to forget is our famous "Mucho Macho Burrito", a double burrito that few can eat without bringing some home. We actually have a challenge for you: if you eat it at once, we give you one of our colorful and beautifully designed Los Tacos T-shirts.

We invite you to visit us, drive-through, or call us to bring our catering and food-truck services!

Our Story

We have the experience and true dedication to provide great Mexican food at a fair price

Our culinary experience spans decades, starting with the creation of several restaurants in Bakersfield, California.

It is not a coincidence that I love cooking at home for family and friends, quite common in Latin American culture. The idea of actually making a living making food prompted me to start a restaurant, and then another one, and then another one... Through all these efforts, high quality food made with fresh ingredients and offered with friendly and fun service has been one of our values.

Over time we became convinced that it was possible to offer great food at a very fair price by saving costs in things such as silverware, rent, and other items that do not directly impact the choice and quality of our food. Thus, today you can try our excellent food at one of the least expensive prices!

Seeing our clients savor our dishes and then return becoming loyal customers is one of our biggest satisfactions.

We invite you to visit us or contact us for catering and food-truck services, and we look forward to see you become another of our loyal customers!


Our ultimate goal is satisfied and happy customers

"We went to Los Tacos in Fairhope with our three kids, and a sister in law with her two kids. The food was really, really good! One of the best Camarones a la Diabla I've eaten, and our kids not only loved the Chicken Quesadillas, they also loved the Cheese Dip & Chips and Flautas.

Besides the food, we were surprised by the truly friendly service and help with all the kids, great sense of humor included. And, our biggest surprised was the price! Based on other Mexican restaurants, it was better food at about half of what we expected!

We definitely will return, many times, and we highly recommend it to anyone that appreciates good Mexican food, especially with kids."

Herman G.